Absolute Rainbow Waltz (アブソリュートレインボーワルツ Abusoryūto Reinbō Warutsu) is the combined group attack between the Smile! Cures and Cygnet Drop. To use it, the Cures need to be in their Princess Forms and have their Princess Candles.


After the Cures use the Super Princess Decors to transform into their Princess Forms and Cygnet Drop installs her Super Odette Decor in the Altair Egg, the Cures and Cygnet Drop ride pegasi and a swan, respectively, made of light and combine their power to form a large white pegasus and white swan, which combine into a large beam of rainbow light, surrounded by white feathers, at the opponent.



Princess Happy: 届け!希望の光!

Cygnet Drop: 立ち上がれ!自由の光!

Princess Sunny, Peace, March, Beauty: 羽ばたけ!未来へ!

All: プリキュアアブソリュートレインボーワルツ!

Princess Happy, Cygnet Drop: 輝け!

All: グランドフィナーレ!


Princess Happy: Todoke! Kibou no hikari!

Cygnet Drop: Tachiagare! Jiyū no hikari!

Princess Sunny, Peace, March, Beauty: Habatake! Mirai he!

All: Purikyua Abusoryūto Reinbō Warutsu!

Princess Happy, Cygnet Drop: Kagayake!

All: Gurando Fināre!


Princess Happy: Reach out! Light of hope!

Cygnet Drop: Rise! Light of freedom!

Princess Sunny, Peace, March, Beauty: Soar! To the future!

All: Pretty Cure Absolute Rainbow Waltz!

Princess Happy, Cygnet Drop: Sparkle!

All: Grand Finale!

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