Bronze Forte Firework (ブロンズフォルテファイアーワーク Buronzu Forute Faiyāwāku) is Cure Inferno's primary finisher, and one of the ways to purify a Desertrian. The move can only be used by Cure Inferno, and utilizes the Burning Torch rather than the usual Flower Tacts or Shiny Tambourine.




Cure Inferno: 燃やせ、花のパワー!バーニングトーチ!
Cure Inferno: 花よ、暴れ!
Cure Inferno: プリキュア・ブロンズフォルテファイアーワーク!


Cure Inferno: Moyase, hana no pawā! Bāningu Tōchi!
Cure Inferno: Hana yo, abare!
Cure Inferno: Purikyua Buronzu Forute Faiyāwāku!

Literal TranslationEdit

Cure Inferno: Ignite, flower power! Burning Torch!
Cure Inferno: Flowers, riot!
Cure Inferno: Pretty Cure Bronze Forte Firework!

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