This is AnimeQueen97's hypothetical english dub ideas for the canon series, Heartcatch Precure.

Edits and ChangesEdit

Main Names and TermsEdit

  • Tsubomi Hanasaki (Tifanaily Hndam in dub)
  • Erika Kurumi (Erika Kalenei in dub)
  • Itsuki Myoudouin (Itselli Myerson in dub)
  • Yuki Tsukikage (Yily Thurgood in dub)
  • Kaoruko Hanasaki (Kaflyra Hndam in dub)
  • Sabaku/Professor Sabaku (Sandory/Professor Sandory in dub)
  • Sasorina (Saselina in dub)
  • Kumojaki
  • Cobraja (Cobrana in dub)
  • Dark Cure

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