Heiwajima Private Girls School (平和島私立女子校 Heiwajima Shiritsu Joshi-kō) is the school attended by Kurosaki Hakobi, Cure Shabon's Fresh Pretty Cure fancharacter. Unlike the season's three canon schools, it's located outside the boundaries of Clover Town, with a train ride being necessary to get there.


The winter uniform consists of a white shirt with a black sailor collar and green lining, with a green tie on the center, under a gray button-up vest, a green pleated skirt, white knee-length socks and black shoes. The summer uniform is pretty much the same but with no vest and shorter sleeves.

School GroundsEdit

Not a lot is shown of the school grounds, but from what it's shown, it appears to be fairly standard. Aside from the normal classrooms, it also has a rooftop accessible for the students who wish to spend spare time there.

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