Hirai Shinya
避雷 慎矢 Hirai Shinya
SeasonOlympus Pretty Cure
Eye ColorMagenta
Hair ColorElectric purple
Home PlaceTennenseki
RelativesHirai Yumi (Younger Sister)

Hirai Taiyo (Father)

Hirai Kasumi (Mother)

Japanese Voice ActorKonishi Katsuyuki (Teen)

Watanabe Akeno (Child)

Hirai Shinya (避雷 慎矢 Hirai Shinya) is a supporting character in Olympus Pretty Cure. A second-year student and DJ of Seibara Middle School's local radio station, under the alias Rodney Sparks (ロドニースパークス Rodonī Supākusu). He is a chipper, charismatic boy who influences others with his smooth music, smooth talk, and good looks. This makes him one of the most popular boys in school, something that goes to his head much of the time.


Shinya is of average height and slender body with loose, neck length electric purple hair and magenta eyes. two noticeable cowlicks in the shape of lightning bolts top his head.

He is normally seen wearing his school's white gakuran, with the jacket open and a bright yellow t-shirt underneath. Around his neck he wears his bright purple headphones.

Outside of school he wears a sky blue parka and light brown pants. He still wears his headphones around his neck and wears yellow accented white sneakers.


Shinya is an enthusiastic individual who knows how to sell himself and his music, and has throngs of fangirls flocking around him every morning. He is very confident about his silver tongue and feels highly assured when he talks to girls. The few girls who don't give into his wiles include his ex-girlfriend Akira, Miwa. Michie, Emily, and Hatoko, who consider him to be shallow and out of his league. His music draws heavily from 90's rhythm and blues, techno and Eurodance, but he also listens to contemporary jazz. 

His favorite subjects are Music, English, and Math and his least favorites are Physics and Chemistry, and like his sister, he is surprisingly intelligent as he has high scores in exams, even a few ranks above Akira.

He enjoys Western-style sweets such as purin (custard pudding), waffles with syrup, chocolate-chip cookies (especially when they are piping hot) and strawberry shortcake, which his fangirls in the Baking Club present to him on occasion.


The Hirai family lived on a dairy farm up in Hokkaido, with several relatives living within the same town. Shinya's immediate family moved to Tennenseki when he was eleven because his father chose to persue a carrier in medicine. He proved himself to be very rambunctious and crude, something that didn't endear him to his peers back at home. Though he hated having to leave his hometown, he tried to reinvent himself as he continued to live in the city. He asked Akira to be his girlfriend, which he unwittingly agreed to, but by the time they entered middle school, Akira was heartbroken when Shinya's two-timing tendencies were exposed.


Shimizu Akira - Even though the two of them were assigned the same classroom at the beginning of the school year, Akira stubbornly refuses to acknowledge Shinya and his attempts in maintaining friendship between them. Despite Shinya's genuine attempts at making amends, Akira continues to believe that Shinya is pretending that nothing happened.

Hirai Yumi - Shinya is a reliable older brother, even though Yumi routinely causes him grief.

Minowa Haruka - Despite having differing views from minor things like their preferred kinds of sweets to major debates on conduct or interaction with other people, they are surprisingly friendly toward one another.

South Star Fomalhaut - As Uroko, Fomalhaut develops a crush on him, despite physically looking older. She is initially enamored by his charm, and despite Shinya's history of fickleness, she helps him grow, mature, and brings out his genuine romantic longings.


避雷 (Hirai) - roughly translates to "shelter from lightning".

慎矢 (Shinya) - is composed of the characters 慎 shin which could mean "cautious" or even "humility" rather ironic considering his boastfulness.  矢 is "arrow" which ties into his sister's name which means bow.

When taken together, the word "hiraishin" can be made out, meaning "lightning rod"

His radio persona, Rodney Sparks, is a pun on lightning rod, although incidentally "Rodney" traces back to the Anglo-Saxon name Hroda, which contains the element "fame".

Trivia Edit

Shinya is the fourth boy who is popular with girls.