Hoshiya Amane
星屋天音 Hoshiya Amane
SeasonDoki Doki! Pretty Cure (Wild Wild Cards)
Eye ColorTeal
Hair ColorTurquoise (Cure Stella)

Grey (Selfish Stella)
Pine green (Amane)

Home PlaceTrump Kingdom (formerly)

Earth (currently)

First AppearanceWWC40 (flashback, as Cure Stella)

WWC46 (as Selfish Stella and Amane)

Alter EgoCure Stella (former)

Selfish Stella (temporarily, under Schiffer's control)

Theme ColorTurquoise

Hoshiya Amane (星屋天音 Hoshiya Amane) is a secondary character in the Doki Doki! Pretty Cure retelling Wild Wild Cards. Along with Juumonji Akemi and Maruyama Ran, she was one of Kenzaki Makoto's teammates from the Trump Kingdom, and was thought by Makoto to have been killed during the Selfish King's invasion. Her Cure form was Cure Stella (キュアステラ Kyua Sutera).




Early LifeEdit

The Destruction of the Trump KingdomEdit

Selfish Pretty CureEdit

The Final BattleEdit

When All is Said and DoneEdit


Kenzaki Makoto - Her former teammate.

Juumonji Akemi and Maruyama Ran - Her other teammates.

Alfa - Her fairy partner.

Cure StellaEdit

"The Glittering Galaxy! Cure Stella!"


Kirabiyaka na Ginga! Kyua Sutera!

Cure Stella (キュアステラ Kyua Sutera) was Amana's Pretty Cure alter ego, who represented glitter. She used to fight alongside Cures Sword, Cross and Bullet to protect the Trump Kingdom, but after Alfa was killed during the Selfish King's invasion, Amane lost the ability to transform, and her Psyche was corrupted and taken away.

Selfish StellaEdit

Selfish Stella (ジコチューステラ Jikochū Sutera) is a Jikochuu copy of Cure Stella, created by Schiffer from her corrupted Psyche. She was defeated through a combination of Rosetta Balloon and Aquila Jetstream




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