Mitaro Hoshizora
星空みたろう Hoshizora Mitarō
SeasonSmile Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorDark pink
Hair ColorBlack (w/ pink sheen)
RelativesHoshizora Miyuki (ancestor)

Hoshizora Ikue (twin sister)

First AppearanceSmile Pretty Cure the Movie 2: Let's Paint the Black Future White!
Japanese Voice ActorSatoshi Hino

Hoshizora Mitaro is a Smile Pretty Cure! fancharacter created by Cure Shabon. He and his sister Ikue are Hoshizora Miyuki's descendants from the year 3012, as well as rookie officers for the time police organization Luster.


Despite having been groomed and trained to become a Luster officer since childhood, Mitaro is much more friendly, laidback and fun-loving than his sister, though cares deeply for others and takes his job just as seriously as she does. He is also quite skilled in martial arts, and his polite persona brings him to a fault whenever he's around attractive women.



Hoshizora Ikue - His relationship with his sister is somewhere in between healthy and rocky. While they care for each other, he often teases her for being too "pessimistic" and tries to get her to lighten up.

Hoshizora Miyuki -


Mitaro has messy neck-length black hair with a pink sheen and curled at the bottom, thick pink eyebrows, dark pink eyes (a lighter and more purplish shade than his sister's), and a gold earring on his right ear. He is normally seen in his white and blue Luster officer uniform.


Hoshizora (星空) - 星 means "star" and 空 means "sky", coming together to become "starry sky". It originally alluded to Cure Happy's powers of "holy light", though this has since extended to him as well.

Mitaro (美太朗, written as みたろう) - 美 means "beauty" and 太朗 is a common ending particle for male names, coming together to become something along the lines of "beautiful boy". His full name also works as a pun of sorts, also meaning "I saw the starry sky".


  • Mitaro's name comes from the joke Akane makes in episode 1 during Miyuki's class introduction.