Kaneda Miwa
金田 美和 Kaneda Miwa
SeasonOlympus Pretty Cure
Eye ColorLight blue (Miwa)

Cyan (Cure Venus)

Hair ColorDirty blonde (Miwa)

Chartreuse (Cure Venus)

Blood TypeType B
Home PlaceTennenseki
RelativesKaneda Izayoi (mother)

Kaneda Kajiya (father)

First AppearanceOPC02
Alter EgoCure Venus
Theme ColorChrysolite green (main)

Cyan (sub)

Japanese Voice ActorTomatsu Haruka

Kaneda Miwa (金田 美和 Kaneda Miwa) is one of the Cures and the secondary main character of Olympus Pretty Cure. A first-year student and member of Seibara Middle School's cheerleading squad, Miwa is athlethic, independent, cheerful and patient, yet incredibly careless, and naïve to the point of negative consequences. Her alter ego is Cure Venus (キュアビーナス Kyua Bīnasu). Her catchphrase is "Super Splendid!" (超スプレンディッド! Chō Supurendiddo!).


Miwa has short dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes. A single pointed tooth can be seen when her mouth is open.

Her common outfit consists of a shoulderless long sleeve green top. Her midriff is bare and she wears a short pleated blue skirt and footless tights that reach to her knees. She wears green sneakers and copper bracelets on the right arm.

She wears her uniform in a loose manner, with her blazer open, cravat unfastened and collar unbuttoned.

Her cheerleading uniform is primarily blue with white diagonal stripes across the garb and the word "Seibara" printed along the stripes; a white skirt with a blue stripe along the hem, black knee-highs and white shoes

As Cure Venus, her hair turns bright green and the ends curl upwards, topped off by a blue diadem. She wears a Greco-Roman inspired outfit consisting of green tunic, sky blue breastplate with a sea shell at the top, and a sky blue skirt underneath. A bright green diadem appears on her head and on her elbows and knees she wears chrysolite engraved pads and green high heel sandals. Her Zodiac Sundial manifests as a belt buckle around the waist.


Enthusiastic, fun-loving and adaptable, Miwa likes to go with the flow and believes that everything has its time. She is very independent for her age, knows exactly what she wants, and is able to take care of herself when left alone. Despite this, her grades are far from spectacular, so she often relies on her classmates to help her with homework or with studying for tests. Miwa is also shown to be scatterbrained and quite innocent, sometimes causing trouble due to her naïveté.

She is very skilled in cooking thanks to her father's own expertise, and hates when food is being wasted (although she has no problem tossing Akira's take-out lunch into the trash). She successfully replicated her father's specialty omurice at an early age, but was not content with stopping there. The first complex dish she mastered was paella. Because of this, she took a shine to Meditteranean food in general.

Her favorite subjects are Physical Education, Home Economics, and English (although the latter merely amounts to her picking and choosing the "cool-sounding" words) . She struggles with everything else, most notably Math and Science. She also has a hard time with computers and cellphones, even growing up without television.



Becoming Cure VenusEdit

The Internet Friendship FiascoEdit


Shimizu Akira - Despite having to put up with Akira's scolding, the two of them become fast friends after becoming Pretty Cure. Miwa in turn scolds Akira for her eating habits, particularly when it comes to ordering take out lunches and her inability to cook. More importantly, she also scolds the older girl for overreacting to everything that happens to her.

Pothos - Like with Akira, Miwa is also subject to frequent scolding from her fairy partner. Pothos will not hesitate criticize her for her lack of foresight. Miwa scolds him for being uptight and often threatens to withhold his meals.

Kaneda Kajiya - Her father, who is an accomplished chef who once ran a Western-style restaurant called "Etoile du Soir" (The Evening Star) that closed down before he and Miwa moved to Tennenseki. She learned a lot of his cooking skills and shares his attitude toward food. However, Kajiya is rather clueless when it comes to parenting, despite his best attempts at guiding her.

Kaneda Izayoi - Miwa holds a rather distant relationship with her mother, in part due to her absence as well as her cold, untight attitude. Yet it is clear that Miwa adopted Izayoi's independent and proactive line of thinking.

Hirai Yumi - They are in the same class, with Miwa having to rely on Yumi for notes. Yumi is often content in teasing her, making her panic before agreeing to let her copy her homework. Even after becoming Cure Jupiter, she continues to tease Miwa, but nowhere near as much, and will come to her aid when their homeroom teacher hurls chalk at her.

East Star Aldebaran - Miwa's first foray with the internet has her visiting a popular forum that helps uninitiated users. Unbeknownst

Cure VenusEdit

"Guided by Aphrodite, the star of equilibrium! Cure Venus!"


Afurodīte ni Michibikare, Kinkō no Hoshi! Kyua Bīnasu!

Cure Venus (キュアビーナス Kyua Bīnasu) is Miwa's Pretty Cure alter ego, powered by the Chrysolite Horoscorb. In this form, like other Pretty Cures, she possesses powered-up strength, speed, and healing factor, with her brute strength being her strongest suit, which allows her to take on much larger opponents quicker and more easily. Unlike other Pretty Cure duos, Miwa does not need to be together with her partner, Akira, to transform. Cure Venus represents the star sign of Libra, and her element is air. Her primary finishing attack is Chrysolite Cyclone, and she is also able to perform Olympic Tourbillon with Cure Neptune.


Kaneda (金田): Kane (金) means "gold" or "money", alluding to the Japanese name of Cure Venus' namesake planet (金星 Kinsei, "gold star"), while Da (田) is a common Japanese surname ender meaning "rice field".

Miwa (美和): Mi (美) translates to "beauty", while Wa (和) translates to "harmony" or "peace".

Her full name, when put together, means "beautiful harmony of the golden rice field".

Cure Venus: Derived from the homonymous planet, which in turn is named after the homonymous Roman goddess of love and beauty, and counterpart to Greek goddess Aphrodite. A more expansive look at Venus' etymology can be found here.


Miwa's voice actress, Tomatsu Haruka, provides her voice in an image song about Miwa, released in the image song album Olympus Pretty Cure: Shore Shine Splendid. In the same album, she participates in a duet with Fujita Saki, who voices Akira.




  • Miwa/Cure Venus is the second fanCure to represent the sign of Libra, following Kousei Ibuki/Cure Libra from Starshine! Pretty ✰ Cure. Both Cures also happen to be air elementals.
  • Miwa is the second Cure to be of mixed race, following Kasugano Urara/Cure Lemonade. Specifically, her mother is one-quarter French.
  • She is the second Cure to have a snaggletooth, after Tategami Aoi.

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