Lord Cepheus
ロードケフェウス Rōdo Kefeusu
SeasonOlympus Pretty Cure
Age2500 (30-ish in Earth years)
Eye ColorAquamarine
Hair ColorOrange
Home PlaceOlympia
RelativesLady Cassiopeia (Wife)

Small Lady Andromeda (Daughter)

Japanese Voice ActorInada Tetsu

Lord Cepheus (ロードケフェウス Rōdo Kefeusu) is a supporting character of Olympus Pretty Cure. He is the king of Olympia and husband of Cassiopeia, together ruling with justice and wisdom despite the hubris that has proliferated during their reign.


Cepheus is a tall, well built man with light orange skin, long dark orange hair with yellow and orange highlights, and aquamarine eyes. He wears a sparkling garland with a diamond that floats around his head and wears a brilliant white garment with the royal crest on his abdomen; and gilded sandals.


Cepheus is a divine, just and steadfast monarch who has guided his realm throughout the neverending cycle of prosperity and disaster that have taken place. In fact, Olympia has never truly recovered from Nemesis' prior attacks, but with his wisdom and Cassiopeia's determination, Olympia has slowly begun to recover when it was prophesied that Andromeda would lead the universe to eternal bliss. However, eons of rule have driven him to despair, due to Nemesis' malice and the decadence of many of his subjects.


Lord Cepheus and Lady Cassiopeia have ruled over the universe for millennia, easily pushing back Nemesis time and again. The stagnant condition Olympia has lasted for a long time, until it was prophesied that Andromeda will bring about everlasting prosperity. However, Nemesis' attacks merely became more frequent and more horrible when Andromeda's rule was fortold.

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