Magic witch Precure7
This is the English dub version of Maho Girls PreCure.


  • Mirai Asahina - Monica Laverne
  • Kaidou Minami - Corona Violette
  • Ha-chan/Kotoha Hanami - Prim/Primrose Emerson
  • Mofurun - Mofurun
  • Kyouko Asahina - Rachel Laverne
  • Daikichi Asahina - Brendan Laverne
  • Kanoko Yuuki - Bette Evans
  • Kana Katsuki - Kylie Briscoe
  • Mayumi Nagase - Belinda Nichols
  • Souta Ono - Derek Carson
  • Yuuto Namiki - Greg Ainsworth

Transformations, Speeches and AttacksEdit

All: Cure-up Rapapa!!

Dakota & Corona's Transformation 1: Diamond Power! Miracle Magical Jewel Relay!!

Dakota & Corona's Transformation 2: Topaz Power! Miracle Magical Jewel Relay!!

Dakota & Corona's Transformation 3: Ruby Power! Miracle Magical Jewel Relay!!

Dakota & Corona's Transformation 4: Sapphire Power! Miracle Magical Jewel Relay!!

Primrose's Transformation: "Emerald Power! Felice Funfun Flower Relay!!"

Cure Miracle: The Miracle of 2! I'm Cure Miracle!

Cure Magical: The Magic of 2! I'm Cure Magical!

Cure Felice: "Spreading Beautiful Magic far and wide! I am Cure Felice!"

All: "We're Magic Witch Pretty Cure!"

Pretty Cure Diamond EternalEdit

Miracle & Magical: Linkle Stick Ready!
Miracle & Magical: Diamond Power!
Miracle & Magical: Forever shining! With our hands!
Miracle & Magical: Spinning Power Link!
Miracle & Magical: Pretty Cure Diamond...Eternal!

Pretty Cure Emerald ReincarnationEdit

Cure Felice: Flower Echo Wand!
Cure Felice: Emerald Power!
Cure Felice: Cure Up!
Cure Felice: Pretty Cure! Emerald Reincarnation!

Pretty Cure Extreme RainbowEdit

All: Magic Witch Pretty Cure! Over・The・Rainbow!
Mofurun: Rainbow Carriage!
Miracle: Great stars of fortunate miracles!
Magical: Great stars of connecting magic!
Felice: Great flowers of blooming happiness!
All: We call upon you for help! Precious Brace on!
All: Maximum Magic Full Full Linkle!
All: Pretty Cure Extreme Rainbow!
All: Cure Up Ra-pa-Pa!
All: Over the Rainbow!

Miracle: Oh extraordinary miracles!
Magical: Allow magic to illuminate everything!
Felice: And, spread warm happiness!
All: Now, with our own hands!
All: Maximum Power Full Full Linkle!
All: Pretty Cure・Extreme・Rainbow!
All: Sun Sun Jewel Relay!
All: Cure Up・ Ra-Pa-Pa!
All: Reach out to the farthest stars!!


  1. Let the Magic Begin! (Part 1)
  2. Let the Magic Begin! (Part 2)

Voice ActorsEdit

Dakota Laverne/Cure Miracle: Barbara Mamabolo

Corona Violette/Cure Magical: Katie Griffin

Primrose Emerson/Cure Felice: Bryn McAuley

Moforun: Colleen O'Shaughnessey


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