Shore Shine Splendid (ショアシャインスプレンディッド Shoa Shain Supurendiddo) is Olympus Pretty Cure's first character song single, which provides image songs for Shimizu Akira and Kaneda Miwa, as well as their original karaoke versions.

Title Singer(s)

Shore Line Shine

ショアラインシャイン Shoa Rain Shain

Fujita Saki/Shimizu Akira

Splendid ♥ Love

Splendid♥Love Supurendiddo ♥ Rabu

Tomatsu Haruka/Kaneda Miwa

Odori Futaboshi no Yoru

踊双星の夜 Odori Futaboshi no Yoru

"Night of the Twin Dancing Stars"

Fujita Saki/Shimizu Akira and Tomatsu Haruka/Kaneda Miwa

Shore Line Shine (Original Karaoke)

ショアラインシャイン(オリジナル・カラオケ) Shoa Rain Shain (Orijinaru Karaoke)


Splendid ♥ Love (Original Karaoke)

Splendid♥Love(オリジナル・カラオケ) Supurendiddo ♥ Rabu (Orijinaru Karaoke)


Odori Futaboshi no Yoru (Original Karaoke)

踊双星の夜(オリジナル・カラオケ) Odori Futaboshi no Yoru (Orijinaru Karaoke)

"Night of the Twin Dancing Stars (Original Karaoke)"


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