Pitch Prism
ピッチプリズム Picchi Purizumu
SeasonSmile Pretty Cure! (Once Upon a Smile)
Eye ColorJade
Hair ColorMint cream
First AppearanceOUaS45
Theme ColorDark turquoise

Pitch Prism (ピッチプリズム) is a minor villain from Once Upon a Smile. The dark counterpart of Ocean Prism, she was created by Joker from a remainder from the last Great Stellar Demon's power, alongside the Gemini Pretty Cures.


As per her mirror image nature, Pitch Prism looks quite similar to Ocean Prism, but wears mostly black, with certain details of her costume resembling octopus tentacles and barracuda fins.


Like the other dark clones, Pitch Prism is nothing beyond a polar opposite of her good counterpart. She believes in being "pitch perfect" above everything else, and considers friendship and happiness to be nuisances.


Pitch Prism wields her own mirror version of the Mermaid Microd, the Poison Microd (ポイズンマイクロッド Poizun Maikuroddo), which she uses to perform the finisher Poison Seafoam (ポイズンシーフォーム Poizun Shīfōmu).



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