Hello, nice to meet you! :D

I'm riynashay, a 22 year old Southern California native who loves magical girls with an undying passion! My longtime fandom has always been Sailormoon, but surprisingly, making fanCures isn't much different from making otaku senshi! Unfortunately, the only series I've seen in full is Heartcatch, though I'm keeping up with Smile Pretty Cure and watching Splash Star as well, both of which I'm really loving!

My friend Kris and the fanseries comm on LJ is what really got me into jumping into the fray! :D I hang out on the Precure Fanboards too and take requests for series logos and general request art too! I am not the best artist, but I love to draw and I love to write even more!

I love making friends! Please don't be afraid to contact me! You can also find me on deviantArt and tumblr.

List of Fanworks by riynashay Edit

List of Cure OCs by riynashay Edit

  • Cure Layup (Bukatsudo Energetic)
  • Cure Opal (Sparkle)
  • Cure Kappa (Mirai Spark)
  • Cure Andromeda (Starshine)
  • Cure Lucky (Smile)

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