Seibara Middle School (青薔薇中学校 Seibara Chūgakkō) is the school attended by the main characters of Olympus Pretty Cure. It is located within the western reaches of Tennenseki, and has become a prominent institution in recent years due to it's numerous clubs, progressive curriculum, and cute boys. Many of the school's policies stem from most of the faculty and staff being fairly young, with only three veterans.

School GroundsEdit

Located in a large building with a sleek and modern design and wood paneled interior, the school houses normal classrooms, a laboratory, art studio, library, and a planetarium/observatory, as well as having a rooftop accessible to the students who wish to spend spare time there. Outside, there is a large courtyard, a field in which most of the sports clubs tend to train at, and pavilions around the school where the students can go to have their lunches. There is also an old school building nearby, which was replaced by the newer building several years ago.


Winter Uniform

The winter uniform for the girls consists of an anti-flash white blazer with blue lining over a light blue long-sleeved dress shirt, with a black cravat fastened with a blue rose pin worn around the blue lined collar. For the boys, the blazer has a high collar, with a fake blue rose pinned to the left breast underneath the pocket. Boys wear long white pants while girls wear a short pleated blue skirt with checker pattern. Both wear standard school shoes in black, and girls are required to wear dark blue socks with white rose emblems that end just below the knee.

Summer Uniform

The girl's summer uniform consists of a light blue short-sleeved dress shirt with blue lining along the sleeves and the collar with the same black cravat, rose pin, and skirt as the winter uniform, but wear white socks instead of blue. The boy's summer uniform consists of a light blue short-sleeved dress shirt with blue lining along the sleeves and collar, with no other accessories beside the blue rose pin on the left breast pocket, and long blue pants.

In general, the school's uniform policy is rather lax. Besides requiring the rose pin and blue socks, students can wear their uniforms as they see fit, girls can even wear cardigans in lieu of blazers, and although their uniform officially calls for a long sleeve light blue dress shirt, most boys forgo this in favor of wearing whatever top they desire underneath their jacket.

Other ClothingEdit

During Physical Education classes and for most athletics clubs, students wear a bright white tracksuit with a sky blue stripe running down the sleeves and the pant legs and a blue rose emblem with bottom-right bright green italic "S" on the left breast, and pale gray trainers. Underneath the jacket, students normally wear a white t-shirt with blue sleeve cuffs and collar, with a colorless rose emblem on the left breast. Although the Cures wear t-shirts that correspond to their theme colors. There are also blue shorts worn underneath the pants as well.

The cheerleading uniform is primarily blue with two white diagonal stripes across the tunic, the word "Seibara" printed along the stripes, black knee-high socks, a white skirt with blue lining and white shoes.

Extracurricular ClubsEdit

The most prominently shown clubs are the art club, the cheer squad, the newspaper club, and kyudo team. Others include the patisserie club, soccer team, orchestra club, and more. The school also has its own radio station headlined by DJ Rodney Sparks.

The school is locally renowned for it's science facilities; especially it's observatory/planetarium that the astronomy club has access to in the evening even after the rest of the school is closed.


Seibara (青薔薇) literally means "blue rose", alluding to the institution's blue rose emblem, tying into the botanical theme naming for this season's schools.

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