Smile Precure
This is the dubbed version For Smile Pretty Cure.


  • Miyuki Hoshizora - Mindy Tyler
  • Akane Hino - Adriana Ryan
  • Yayoi Kise - Olivia Landry
  • Nao Midorikawa - Nina Chandler
  • Reika Aoki - Reanna Bailey
  • Candy - Candy
  • Hiroshi Hoshizora - Harris Tyler
  • Ikuyo Hoshizora - Irene Tyler
  • Daigo Hino - Darrell Ryan
  • Masako Hino - Martha Ryan
  • Genki Hino - Greg Ryan
  • Yuuichi Kise - Nicolas Landry
  • Chiharu Kise - Celine Landry
  • Genji Midorikawa - Gabriel Chandler
  • Tomoko Midorikawa - Wilma Chandler
  • Midorikawa Children - Chandler Children
  • Soutaro Aoki - Shane Bailey
  • Shizuko Aoki - Stephanie Bailey
  • Junnosuke Aoki - Joseph Bailey

Transformations and SpeechesEdit

All: "Pretty Cure Smile Charge!"

Cure Happy: The Sparkling light of the future! I'm Cure Happy! Cure Sunny: With the power of the blazing hot sun! I'm Cure Sunny!

Cure Peace: Solving problems with a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors"! I'm Cure Peace!

Cure March: With the courage within to win this battle! I am Cure March!

Cure Beauty: The Glistening snow coming together as one! I'm Cure Beauty!

All: Together the five of us will light this world from darkness! Together we are, Smile Pretty Cure!


Cure Happy AttacksEdit

Cure Happy: Pretty Cure Happy Shower!
Cure Happy: Pretty Cure Happy Shower Shining!

Cure Sunny AttacksEdit

Cure Sunny: Pretty Cure Sunny Fire!
Cure Sunny: Pretty Cure Sunny Fire burning!

Cure Peace AttacksEdit

Cure Peace: Pretty Cure Peace Thunder!
Cure Peace: Pretty Cure Peace Thunder Hurricane!

Cure March AttacksEdit

Cure March: Pretty Cure March Shoot!
Cure March: Pretty Cure March Shoot Impact!

Cure Beauty AttacksEdit

Cure Beauty: Pretty Cure Beauty Blizzard!
Cure Beauty: Pretty Cure Beauty Blizzard Arrow!

Team AttacksEdit


Voice ActorsEdit

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