トリトン Toriton
SeasonOlympus Pretty Cure
Eye ColorAmethyst
Home PlaceOlympia
First AppearanceOPC01
Japanese Voice ActorShimono Hiro

Triton is one of the mascots in Olympus Pretty Cure. He is the guardian of the Amethyst Horoscorb and serves as Shimizu Akira's fairy partner. He ends his sentences with "~rito".


Triton looks like a lavender-rose-skinned sea turtle with amethyst-colored eyes, a shell in shades of purple, and an amethyst-colored Pisces symbol on his forehead. He normally wears a purple scarf, held close by an amethyst gemstone clip.


Triton is gentle, fun-loving, somewhat childish and lazy, yet deeply concerned for his partner as well as for Olympia and its rulers. He is also quite talkative, and can go on and on for hours about certain subjects unless he's told to stop by others. Much like Akira, he is very intuitive; whenever he has a strong feeling something will happen, it usually does. When not being warm and understanding, Triton is prone to spacing out and being completely out of touch with his surroundings.

He is actually fond of Akira's horrible cooking attempts, but he mostly enjoys eating the fresh-baked melon bread that Nobuko's shop sells.


Triton is a Horoscorb Guardian, thus does not have any actual past. Like the other guardians. he was born without an actual personality, but his tendency for dreams and his creative instincts were brought out through years of insularity.


Shimizu Akira - They both share a love of creating, although Akira is not appreciative of Triton using his ability to bring out her creative process or siphon ideas from others, prefering to rely on her own intuition.

Pothos -

Lord Cepheus and Lady Cassiopeia -

Shimizu Azusa - Triton enjoys playing with her, to the point that he can be considered a far more ideal older sibling figure than Akira herself.


Triton is a Greek name cognate with Old Irish triath (genitive trethan), meaning "sea". In Greek mythology, Triton is the messenger of the sea, and the son of Poseidon and Amphrite.


Triton has an unusual ability that allows him to extract ideas from people and implant them in others. He can also stimulate imaginative processes by "stirring up" their minds.

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